Nadia’s Summer Update

This update is a cause for celebration, but your support is still needed!!

Prayers were answered for housing and asylum status! Nadia and the children were granted asylum status in June and she will be able to apply for a green card next year in July. She also has the opportunity to seek reunification for her husband and we are helping her with that process. For housing, Nadia and the children moved into an income based apartment in West Ashley across from Target at Citadel Mall. This will allow Nadia to begin the long process of becoming self-sufficient while we continue to support her and make efforts to get her husband here from Afghanistan.

How you can help:

Prayers, transportation and money are at the top of our list.

Transportation– The boys are enrolled in a summer enrichment program at Stono Park Elementary which will keep them active and engaged but they need to get there. We are asking everyone to consider taking one way one day this summer. Bruce McAdams ( has the schedule and will be happy to share the details with you. We are in the process of getting the girls on waiting lists for daycare and once they are accepted, Nadia will start a new job to be determined. Transportation will also be necessary for Nadia and the girls but not at this moment. Transportation for the boys is our main focus now.

Money– we have several big ticket items ahead of us for Nadia and we are confident we can meet them with your support. We are helping Nadia get her driver’s license and ultimately getting a car. This will require a substantial cash outlay, not only for the lessons and car but insurance and money for necessary repairs, etc. We have also retained an immigration attorney who is helping us with the reunification process for her husband. Smaller cash outlays are necessary for things like Uber as Nadia has other places she needs to go while we help her learn the new bus routes from her apartment. For example, she has already learned that groceries from Target are more expensive than Walmart. If you wish to donate, please mention the Refugee Account.

Prayers– Thank you for your prayers and please continue to ask God to help us understand how He wants us helping Nadia and her children as they make their way in a new country while they wait for their husband/father to join them.