Elder & Deacon Recommendation Form

Nominations Committee Members

The Nominating Committee will prayerfully consider each recommendation and present a slate of officers for a congregational vote at a called congregational meeting in the spring.

Nominations for this year include:

  • 7 ruling elders to serve three-year term (2024-2027)
  • 12 deacons to serve three-year terms (2024-2027)
  • 2 youth elders and 2 youth deacons to serve one-year terms (2024-2025) 

Please contact us at gower.ejg@aol.com if you have any questions concerning the nominations process.

Ellen Gower, Chair

Joe Rainero, Chair-Elect
Mack Cross
Maryanne Davis
Jamie Keeler
Holly Limbert
Nancy Masche
Tom Worrall

From the Nominating Committee:
Help to shape the life and ministry of MPPC by recommending church members to serve as Elders and Deacons: