Pastor Nominating Committee Recommendation Form

The Session shall call a congregational meeting to elect a pastor nominating committee that shall be representative of the whole congregation. The committee’s duty shall be to nominate a pastor for election by the congregation.  [G-2.0802] 

Nominations Committee Members

The Nominating Committee will prayerfully consider each recommendation to create a slate of PNC candidates representative of the congregation. Please contact us at if you have any questions concerning the PNC nominations process.

Mac Thigpen, Chair
Ellen Gower, Chair-Elect
Elizabeth Amory
Lindsay Bruorton
Patti Horton
Katie Lucy
Kyle Murrell
Will Ralston
Bob Reed
Rev. Dr. Danie DeBeer, ex officio
Rev. Bart Edwards, ex officio

From the Nominating Committee:
Help to shape the life and ministry of MPPC by recommending church members to serve on the Pastor Nomination Committee: