Christian Education

Connected Through Faith

To stay connected and engaged in faith formation, the education staff of MPPC are gathering ways for families and individuals to practice Christian education in our homes as we work to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and be a neighborhood church. Also find details about Kids Can! that will be taking place the week of June 29-July 3, 2020.


A foundation of faith for children, from birth to elementary school, is established through programs and activities designed to nurture and support young families through Bible studies, after school activities like Logos, and fellowship opportunities.

Youth Ministries

Middle School & High School
Our focus is to equip our youth, and their families, for a lifelong journey of faith in Jesus Christ. Through service, study, and fellowship with one another we are putting our faith into action, applying it to everyday life, and loving our neighbors as ourselves.


When Jesus was asked what the most important commandment was, his response was in two parts, and in simple terms he said “Love God and love your neighbor.” It sounds easy, but in practice it isn’t so simple. We might ask as a bystander did: “but who is my neighbor?”, and we might also ask: “what does it mean to love God, what does that look like?” Being a part of a small group offers the opportunity to explore God’s Word with a group of people who are trying their best to live out this two-fold commandment from Jesus. In a small group we learn about scripture and apply it to our lives. Small groups hold one another accountable while also providing support and encouragement as we engage with God, the Word, and the world. Consider joining a small group, or let us help you start a new one!