Learning Center: Our Curriculum

Our classes consist of both indoor and outdoor activities, alternating active and quiet play, circle/learning times, Chapel, and snack time. We explore reading, math, arts and crafts, music, science, cooking, Spanish, Bible stories and verses, as well as letters, numbers, colors, shapes and so much more. The Christian Curriculum is developmentally solid, age-appropriate, and Christ-centered.

Our music program is geared to instill the love of music in children of all ages. Musical experiences can accelerate brain activity in young children. Through singing, physical movement, and playing instruments, children are taught that “music makes us happy!” 

Two treasured annual traditions are the Christmas pageant and Spring play, in which our entire 4K program participates through both acting and singing.

Children in 3K and 4K classes are given weekly Christian education focusing on God’s love. They are guided through monthly Bible verses and weekly Bible stories through developmentally appropriate story and song.

Our goal is to open the hearts and minds of our students to a whole new world of adventure using the Spanish language through songs, crafts and games. Multi-dimensional learning experiences help foster appreciation for learning a new language. 

Lowcountry Gifted Minds brings exciting weekly STEAM classes to the students at Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Learning Center for ages three and above. Classes offer lessons in all areas of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Children are given multiple and varied opportunities for exploration through an engaging, hands-on, interactive curriculum. Each child conducts experiments using scientific tools, completes engineering challenges, programs robots, and so much more, helping to bring understanding to our natural and man-made world.

Certified teachers teach classes, helping students understand the science behind the Wow!

Children are introduced to the wonderful world of nature through hands-on experiential learning in our school garden. Planting, watering and even tasting their harvested vegetables gives children an appreciation for nature and increased understanding of the great outdoors.

302 Hibben Street
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

300 Hibben Street
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
(Main entrance door on Church St)