Member Care is both Pastoral Care and support, and members caring for each other. During times of sickness or death, difficult times, and times of joy—we care for each other. Our ministry teams bless one another with hospital visits, food for those in need, and support through our Deacons, Stephen Ministers, and home visitations for those that are home bound. We also offer workshops to get through some of life’s challenging moments. Whatever life throws at you, or whatever stage of life you are in, pastors and members are here to support you!


Trained Christian caregivers will “walk with you through difficult times” Usually you will meet 1:1 for 1 hour each week. To request a Stephen Minister or to get more program information, please contact Andi Awkerman (843-884-4612).

Now registering for Stephen Minister Training:
January 17, 2019 through May 2019
Thursdays, 6:00 – 9:00 PM


Walking the Mourner’s Path is a national, Christian grief support workshop series. Generally, we offer a fall and spring classes at 6 p.m. on Sundays. Materials fee is $25. Scholarships are available.   For more information, please contact Andi Awkerman (843-884-4612).


For funeral information, please contact Andi Awkerman (843-884-4612).

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