Clothing Drive for Nadia

Spring cleaning time is here and please consider giving clothes your family no longer needs to Nadia and her children. We have bins in the Fellowship Hall for each member of the family. She has four growing children so feel free to also give sizes larger than what is listed. They will appreciate it all! Here are their current sizes and ages to help you gauge what may fit best. If items do not fit, we will donate them to ECCO so everything will find a loving home. Clothing drive ends on May 31, 2023.

Sodise is 11 years old. He wears a M 10-12 youth in tops and M 10-12 youth in bottoms.

Taib is 8 years old. He wears a S 6-7 youth in tops and a 4 Youth S 6-7 in bottoms.

Mobara will be 3 in June and she wears a 3T in clothing and a 3/4T in shoes.

Asra is 18 months, she will be 2 in September. She needs 4C in shoes.

Nadia can wear small or 6 bottoms and Medium top!