Week of March 7, 2022

Anbyia and Noor Ali and Habibullah are now living together in a house in North Charleston on Dorchester Road. All three are eager to become settled in the USA hoping soon to be sending money to their families in Afghanistan; they have cheerful demeanors, despite being separated from their families, and are quite grateful and hospitable; typically, a visitor is offered green tea and nuts and dates. They have been given bicycles, bike locks and reflective vests. Anbyia and Habibullah began working last week at Jim and Nick’s BBQ restaurant which is a 15-minute bike ride from their house. Noor Ali is waiting to receive his Social Security Card and another document before he can begin working. They interact frequently with their caseworker and interpreter, Mirwais, also an Afghan. Their English-speaking abilities are improving as they continue to attend English classes at Trident Literacy Assoc. Habibullah is already somewhat fluent. They attend the Central Mosque of Charleston on Friday for a weekly worship service and a time of socializing.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Bruce McAdams at mcadams.bruce@gmail.com.

Monetary donations can be made directly to All Saints Lutheran Church, noting on the comment line “Refugee Outreach” and by marking on the envelope Attention: Lisa Rebula. The address is All Saints Lutheran Church, 2107 US Highway 17, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466.