Summer Prayer for the PNC

Our PNC is continuing the hard work of searching for our next Senior Pastor. We’re so grateful for their hard work, prayerful approach, and deeply faithful spirits. The PNC prayer team offers this prayer:

Good and Loving God, Thank you for bringing together this band of your disciples known as the congregation of MPPC. We have been united in our prayers for Elizabeth Amory, Susan Dalton, Andrew De Holl, McRae Hogan, Towner Magill, Bruce McAdams, Chip Brourton, Ellie McDermott, and Susan Mellichamp, our Pastor Nominating Committee. We give you thanks for their faithfulness to this process. We offer prayers of thanksgiving that their work has been fruitful. We wait with anticipation to welcome the one you have chosen to lead us. Be with him or her and their families throughout this process and make their paths straight through this transition. Grant them a sense of peace and sureness that they have heard and answered Your call. We also pause to give gratitude and thanks to your servants, Danie de Beer and Bart Edwards, who have so faithfully and lovingly led us through this time of transition. We pray together as a congregation, that we receive Your chosen one with open hearts and minds, ready to join hands so we may all serve you with faithfulness and joy. We pray these things in the name above all names, Christ Jesus. Amen.