September Update on Nadia

It has been some time since you got an update on Nadia and there is so much to report!  As you know, Nadia and the children moved into their 3-bedroom apartment that is directly across from Citadel Mall. Sodise is in the 6th grade at CE Williams North Campus and goes to St Andrews Parks and Playground for afterschool care.  Taib, 3rd grade and Mobara, 4K, are going to Ashely River Creative Arts Elementary and stay after school for Kaleidoscope. Asra, 2 yrs old, will start daycare at La Petite Academy on Ashely River Rd next week.  Nadia is just beginning to interview for her new job that will hopefully be very close to home. She interviews tomorrow at Target! Prayers requested! 

Answer to prayer!  Westminster Presbyterian Church has joined our team and has taken responsibility for scheduling transportation.  We do not wish to leave any of you off that list so please email me directly if you wish to provide transportation and I will connect you with the person from Westminster who is scheduling starting next week.  

Car seats and booster seats needed- The Westminster team is asking for 5 point harness car seats and booster seats with backs to be donated to the drivers. If you have any to donate, please let me know.  

What is next for Nadia? – Driving lessons and eventually getting a car- reunification with Fraidoon. We are still trying to figure out how best to get Nadia road ready and to be able to safely transport her 4 children. We are also still working with an immigration attorney on getting Nadia’s husband Fraidoon reunited with his family.  We have many other things on the list but these two are the biggies.  

How can you help? Transportation, car seat donation, money, and prayers!  Please remember that we have a refugee restricted fund at the church so any money you direct to this fund goes to supporting Nadia.  Please keep Nadia, the children, Fraidoon and the Friends of Nadia team in your prayers. We all need prayers to carefully discern how God is calling us to support Nadia as she continues to make a new life for her family in West Ashely.  

Thank you and please let me know of any questions, if you wish to be a driver, or have a car seat to donate!

Maryanne Davis,