Chrismon Scavenger Hunt

QR #1

Welcome to the Chrismon Scavenger Hunt!  We have 10 clues for you to locate and name special Chrismons that decorate our church tree as well as many Christians use on their trees at home.  Remember that a Chrismon is a special ornament that is a Christian symbol.  They help us remember that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday.  Chrismons are traditionally white and gold. White is the liturgical (or church) color for Christmas which symbolizes that Jesus was pure and perfect.  Gold represents Christ’s majesty and Glory.  

We would love for you to snap photos while you are on the hunt.  Please post on social #chrismonhuntmppc and send a photo to Logan at so we can share with the larger church family.   Enjoy! 

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Clue #1:  One of everyone’s favorite Christmas songs… “Away in a ?”

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 If you guessed Manger you are correct!    The Manger represents Jesus as a baby at Christmas

You are off to a great start! 

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Clue #2:  Another Christmas favorite song…. “Hark! The Herald ??? Sing”

While you are thinking of the answer, head over to the Hibben entrance to the Seabrook building to find your next QR code.