November: Update to Nadia Paikan’s Story

As many of you know, members of MPPC and Providence Church have been working together for several months to help a young mother who fled Afghanistan with her four children while her husband remained feeling it was unsafe for him to attempt to leave with his family. Many of you have heard us discuss Nadia and how brave she is for leaving everything she knew to come to America. She is now settled in North Charleston and has a job working in a restaurant where other Afghan refugees work. Her two boys, Sudais and Taib, go to the nearby Elementary School, and her two girls, Mobara and Asra, attend daycare. Every week, Nadia and the girls are driven to daycare/work and back home. Others also take the family to necessary medical appointments and shopping trips for essentials. Others spend time with the family on Saturdays to help them learn English. Nadia’s teachers say she is very smart and is making great strides at learning our language. The children are exposed at school/daycare so it easier for them and they are making great progress.

Nadia is very grateful for the many ways MPPC and Providence Church are helping her and her children adjust to their new life in Charleston. We have given our time and our financial resources which allow for her rent, daycare, and medical bills to be partially subsidized. Other ways we have helped Nadia include providing diapers, buying new beds, donating furniture and buying new shoes, coats and other necessary clothing. If you would like to make a donation to the Afghan Refugee Fund from which monies are taken to help pay her rent, daycare, medical expenses, and meet other unexpected needs, you can write a check and designate it for the Afghan Refugee Fund. You can also give gift cards which can be taken to the church office, marked for Nadia Paikan. Please prayerfully consider how you might help this young family during Advent, Christmas and beyond.

If you have questions, please contact Bruce McAdams at or at 843-364-7131.