Endowment Tree

Why not “leaf” a legacy?

What is the Endowment Tree? The Endowment Recognition Tree is a large four-foot-tall display with engravable leaves designed to recognize people in the church who have listed Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church in their estate documents.

What is the purpose of this tree? The goal of this tree is to encourage other families to also include the MPPC Endowment Fund in their estate plans. Simply put, the more families that leave funds via their estate documents, the larger the fund grows, the more income the fund can provide to the church, and the more of God’s work can be done.

Can I buy a leaf or contribute money to the Endowment now and get a leaf?  No.  This tree is only for members who are leaving funds to the church via their estate documents.

How do I get a leaf on the tree?  You include the MPPC Endowment Fund in your estate documents.   There are many ways to leave money to the church at your death (such as your will, trust, IRA, etc) and we recommend you talk to your Estate Attorney, CPA, or Financial Advisor about the best way to do this.   Leaving money to a charity can be tax advantageous for your loved ones.

I have listed the church in my estate documents – what’s next? Once you have listed MPPC Endowment Fund in your estate documents, then you can get a leaf on the tree by filling out the below “Leaving Money to MPPC” form linked below and returning to the church.  You can also contact anyone on the Endowment Ministry Team.

Harry Smith, Charman

Katie Edwards

Stacy Hanling

Jason Herring

Len Hutchison

JD Sikes

Doug Szubski

Sue Verner

Shawn Wienke