Connected Through Faith

To stay connected and engaged in faith formation, the education staff of MPPC are gathering ways for families and individuals to practice Christian education in our homes as we work to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Resurrection Egg Hunt

Easter is often filled with Easter Egg Hunts and the coloring of eggs for our Easter Baskets.  There also is a fun way to learn about the Easter Story through what are called Resurrection Eggs.  Each Resurrection Egg has a symbol representing part of the Easter Story.  A donkey tells us about Palm Sunday, coins remind us that Judas betrayed Jesus for money, a cup reminds us of the Last Supper, etc.  While we cannot “hide” the eggs, we have created a virtual Resurrection Egg Hunt, one for younger children and one for older children.  We hope you will enjoy the Resurrection Egg Hunt as a family as you discover the Easter Story!


This section offers diverse connections to other websites that offer sound faith formation practices.

Sunday School

This section offers lessons for children, youth, and adults based on Sunday morning’s Sermon text. These lessons will be short. Sometimes they may offer ideas for networking, other times they might only engage the individual or family. These lessons will rotate out to match the Sermon. 


This section will help young people enrolled in Confirmation class stay connected as a confirmation class. Courtney is thinking out of the box for this group, so look for some creative, crazy ways to engage as a class.