Visiting Tips

What time are services on Sunday morning?

We have three traditional worship services in the Sanctuary, and one alternative style worship service on Sunday mornings. Click here to view our worship service schedule.

Do you have a Contemporary style service option?

We do. The Net is our alternative worship service that is held in the Fellowship Hall each Sunday morning. Click here to view our worship service schedule.

When I arrive where should I park?

There are several parking areas around the Church. The most heavily used areas are any of the gravel parking lot areas around the church facility.

Do you allow children in the main Sanctuary during worship services?

Bring your children — all ages are welcome — and join us for worship. If you prefer, you may entrust your young children (birth to 4 years) to our nursery caregivers who have undergone child protection training and background checks. Click here to view our worship service schedule.

I am not Presbyterian, do I need to be to visit the church?

Absolutely not. In fact many of our current church members were not Presbyterian when they first visited. We welcome everyone to come enjoy our church.

I have never been to your church, how should I dress?

We are a relaxed environment that is made up of jeans and a dress shirt to dress jackets and suits.

I see your Sunday service times above, but how far in advance should I arrive to get my children where they need to be etc.?

If it is your first time visiting Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, you should try to come approximately 30 minutes before the actual service starts. This will give you plenty of time to find everywhere you need to go and get affiliated with our campus.