Becoming disciples of Jesus Christ by growing in our faith and community with one another.

Faith in Jesus Christ gives our lives meaning and orientation. But, how do we grow in faith, connect, and find ways to serve in the midst of our busy lives? Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church provides ministries and opportunities that are aimed at developing disciples of Jesus Christ. No matter where you are in your journey of faith, there is a place for you. Click below to learn more about these different ministries. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to call our office at (843) 884-4612 or fill out our Contact Us form.

We seek to assist followers of Jesus Christ to experience a life-giving relationship with God; to grow in our understanding of the Christian faith, the Word of God, and the history of our tradition; and to participate in God’s work in community through service, advocacy for our neighbors in need, and sharing the Good News with one another and the world. To learn more about Adult opportunities, contact Ann Burdette.


Our church family has made an intentional effort to affirm the gifts of all people that God has called into community with us! Within this ministry lies inspiring conversation, brainstorming, and footwork around how our church can be a place of radical hospitality; a place that welcomes new members into its midst; and a place that challenges each person to engage into the life and ministry into which God has called them. Every Member in Ministry seeks to create a culture of congregational engagement within and outside the doors of the church. To learn more about opportunities to get involved, contact Julie McCormick.

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Member Care is both Pastoral Care and support, and members caring for each other. During times of sickness or death, difficult times, and times of joy—we care for each other. Our ministry teams bless one another with hospital visits, food for those in need, and support through our Deacons, Stephen Ministers, and home visitations for those that are home bound. We also offer workshops to get through some of life’s challenging moments. Whatever life throws at you, or whatever stage of life you are in, pastors and members are here to support you! For concerns, support, or for additional information, please contact Rev. Tom Herrington, Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care.