When you visit campus, you will feel the heartbeat of a dynamic, relevant church with longstanding community roots. You will hear the laughter and squeals of children, see friends and families moving from worship to study to fellowship in chaotic rhythm, find a seat in our traditional worship space (once used as a hospital in the Civil War) or among worshippers in the contemporary Net. The words of worship are fresh, though long traditions remain. Eclectic music will stir your heart and lift your attention toward heaven. Worship messages speak to current experiences and daily concerns about fulfilling our mission in the world.

We hope your first visit to our campus will lead to many more and to a deeper journey responding to God’s call upon your life. We start with the conviction that each person is uniquely and beautifully created in God’s own image and is surrounded by His love.


  • What time are services on Sunday?
    9:00 a.m.
    Traditional Worship
    Sunday School

    10:30 a.m.
    Traditional Worship
    Contemporary Worship (The Net)

    Fellowship Breakfast
    8:30 – 11 a.m.
    Fellowship Hall

    Childcare is available. Additional worship time information is posted during holidays for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

  • Do you allow children in the Sanctuary during worship?
    Bring your children — all ages are welcome — and join us for worship. If you prefer, you may entrust your young children (birth to 4 years) to our nursery caregivers who have undergone child protection training and background checks.
  • Do I need to be Presbyterian to visit the church?
    Absolutely not. In fact many of our current church members were not Presbyterian when they first visited. We welcome everyone to come enjoy our church.
  • Can I have communion?
    About once a month, MPPC observes the Lord’s Supper as we remember the sacrifice of Christ and feed ourselves for the journey of faith. As Presbyterians, we invite all those who trust in God to eat at the Lord’s Table. It is neither a Presbyterian table or MPPC’s table. We often observe communion seated, where your neighbor offers the “Body of Christ broken for you” and the “Blood of Christ shed for you”.
  • How should I dress?
    As a traditional church, you will find that our congregants and visitors wear business casual as opposed to jeans in the Sanctuary. However, please don’t feel like you must dress like this for worship. MPPC also has a contemporary worship service – The Net, which you might find a more casual environment with a wide variety of attire including jeans, shorts, dresses and slacks. In all of our services, our focus is the worship of God, not what anyone is wearing.
  • Do you have Contemporary worship? What is The Net?
    On Sundays in the Fellowship Hall, we offer a contemporary worship service – The Net. This is our version of a “contemporary” worship service, though it might look different from what most folks have come to expect. The comfortable chairs and casual atmosphere are enjoyed by all ages and seem to work especially well with young families. Sing songs old and new led by a talented band of people from within MPPC. You’ll hear the same Scripture and sermon as our other services, but you’ll see it on a screen instead of from a pulpit.

    The eclectic music is made up of modern popular Christian music, classic hymns and songs from other parts of the world. We are creative in worship without leaving anything out or watering it down. Most of all we are people who just enjoy spending time worshiping God together in the midst of our hectic lives.

  • What does worship look like in the Sanctuary?
    In the Sanctuary, worship services are traditional. We have great music led by our choirs and the organ, often accompanied with brass ensembles or soloists. Services will be around one hour in length. Children are welcome and encouraged in worship, especially during our Children’s Sermon. We also have a nursery available for those who need it.
  • How far in advance should I arrive to get my children where they need to be?
    If it is your first time visiting Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, you should try to come approximately 30 minutes before the actual service starts. This will give you plenty of time to find everywhere you need to go and get affiliated with our campus.
  • When I arrive where should I park?
    There are several parking areas around the Church. The most heavily used areas are any of the gravel parking lot areas around the church facility. On Sunday, you may also park at Moultrie Middle School, Stubbs Muldrow & Herin, C3 Investments and RB’s. Please do not block driveways, park on lawns or double-park near the church.


For additional information, contact Barbara Loehr-Fox, Director of Music Ministries (843-884-4612).