NEW Adult Series

Event Details
The Book of DANIEL
  • Event date: June 3
  • Time: 8 am
  • Venue: MPPC Main Campus

As we transition to our new worship schedule this summer, we will take advantage of being able to offer a pastor led adult class beginning on Sunday, June 3rd.

Dr. Massie will begin a brief series looking at the stories in the book of Daniel (chapter 1-6). These narratives seem to have particular relevance for people of faith in this country in the 21st century, when and where we are becoming a minority. How do we maintain our identity, our faith, and our values when like the Hebrews in exile in the sixth century BC in Babylon and later like the Hebrews in second century BC under the threat of persecution under the reign of Antiochus IV (Epiphanes)? These stories were heard and re-told, inspiring courage and loyalty. Like God’s people in years past, today we are realizing that people of faith are strangers in their own land, maybe even “resident aliens”. So, come and join us for this study together as summer arrives.

MPPC Main Campus