Wise Giving: The Gift of LIFE!

Wise Giving @MPPC

Wise Giving is MPPC’s annual, alternative gift giving campaign that supports our trusted mission partners as we work together to change lives in our community and around the world. Join us and make Wise Giving part of your holiday tradition this year. Get ready to be inspired…

Wise Giving at Hope House & Hope Cottage
Because of the contributions to Hope House through our MPPC Wise Giving program, Hope Cottage and Hope House have continued to provide housing and meals for those with loved ones in area hospitals. Those contributions have also enabled us to expand those we serve to include kidney and liver transplant patients, post-surgery. The costs of hotels in the Charleston area often add financial stress to the families of those needing to remain in the area for medical care and therapy after transplant surgery.

The sincere appreciation of the services and emotional support provided by the Hope House ministry and it’s volunteer caregivers, was recently expressed by a couple unlike we have served before. We had guests in Hope Cottage who were husband and wife and both were post-surgery transplant patients. The wife donated a kidney to someone in another state because she was so grateful for the donor of the kidney being given to her husband. What a story of “WISE GIVING!”

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