2017 Habitat Honduras Team Update: Day 6

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”
-Romans 12:2
Buckets and Bailing

After our hiatus from the work site due to Wednesday’s rains, the group was eager to return to see what awaited us. Would the footings we had spent so much time excavating be caved in requiring us to dig them again? Or would they just be filled with water only requiring us to bail them out. With us hoping greatly for the latter, a group of team members left Casa Pizatti on foot in an attempt to acquire some buckets before going to the work site. After strolling through town and striking out at several stores, we found a paint store willing to sell us 5 buckets for about $6US. We rejoined the rest of the group, which unfortunately was still down one member due to illness, and headed to the work site.

As we arrived, we were greeted with the site of many more Honduran workers than were there on Tuesday. They were busy excavating footings, tying rebar, and clearing land. The fifth of the thirteen houses was being prepared for excavation. We were pleased to discover that the footings were still standing, so some of us formed a bucket brigade to bail the water out of the footings. The remaining team members assisted in bending rebar and tying rebar cages.

More Excavation Tools

After bailing the water out of the footings, we realized that all of the shovels and picks were being used by the Honduran workers, so Chip and Bob went on a shopping trip to buy additional excavation tools (despite some objections from team members that lacked enthusiasm for more digging). Once they returned with shovels, picks, and an axe, the excavation continued and the Hondurans used the axe to efficiently remove some pesky remaining stumps. The first load of blocks was delivered to the site, and then our work day ended when more rain came in at about 2 pm. The group then enjoyed some post-work fellowship followed by dinner and dessert.

Trip Reflections

As we near the end of our trip, it has become noticeable that team members are reflecting on what the trip has meant to them. During our nightly devotional, the team members discussed that fellowship among the group members was one of the main draws of the trip. Others mentioned that the trip was a spiritual reset away from the demands of our daily lives back home. The discussion moved on to how to bring back the Honduras experience as move back into our families, jobs, and church lives in Mount Pleasant.

What a joy it was to have deep, meaningful faith conversations among new and old friends.


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