What is the PCUSA? What do you believe?

Our church is part of a greater denomination in the Christian Tradition called the “Presbyterian Church in the USA”. The PCUSA is a national denomination that is rooted in the history of the Reformed Tradition. The Reformed Tradition focuses on the sovereignty and grace of God and our salvation given to us as a gift in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We govern ourselves “representatively” which means that the members are all leaders in the church, and have the ability to serve in elected leadership positions as “Elders” or “Deacons” to help make decisions in the church. For more information about the PCUSA please click here to learn more.

What does worship look like in the Sanctuary at MPPC?

In the Sanctuary, worship services are traditional. We have great music led by our choirs and the organ, often accompanied with brass ensembles or soloists. Services will be around one hour in length. Children are welcome and encouraged in worship, especially during our Children’s Sermon. We also have a nursery available for those who need it.

Do you have Alternative Worship at MPPC? What is The Net?

The Net is an alternative worship service held in the Fellowship Hall, also about an hour in length. In this service, a band consisting of church members play guitar, drums, saxophones and sometimes even the flute! You might see an artist painting in this service during the Lent months (typically February and March). Music ranges from age old hymns to new tunes, or even psalms. There often is no “order of service” printed for you in The Net, but the service follows a similar path of the regular service. Click here to view the worship service schedule.

What is the attire for worship?

As a traditional church, you will find that our congregants and visitors wear business casual as opposed to jeans in the Sanctuary. However, please don’t feel like you must dress like this for worship. MPPC also has an alternative worship service at 11:15 am in the Fellowship Hall, which you might find yourself in an environment with more casual attire.

Can I have communion at your church?

About once a month, MPPC observes the Lord’s Supper as we remember the sacrifice of Christ and feed ourselves for the journey of faith. As Presbyterians, we invite all those who trust in God to eat at the Lord’s Table. It is neither a Presbyterian table or MPPC’s table. We often observe communion seated, where your neighbor offers the “Body of Christ broken for you” and the “Blood of Christ shed for you”.