About Us

Our Mission:
Equipping our church family; Engaging every member in ministry;
Following God’s call into the world; To transform MPPC into a Christ-like community.

Our Beliefs
The Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church is a “big-tent” Church, meaning, folks come from a wide variety of “places” to belong to this place. The conversations of our faith include an array of views, opinions and beliefs. However, the single most important belief that holds us together is a passionate and deeply held conviction that Jesus Christ came as God’s own son to save us (yes), but more importantly to show how to live the abundant life in love, here and now. We will agree and disagree on many things at MPPC, but our unity comes from this gift of knowing God’s powerful love through Jesus Christ, and from accepting responsibility to share that love with every person we meet.

A Missional Church
We are Missional! Does that mean we do missions? What does it mean to live as a Missional Church?
At Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, we believe the Church was created by God and sent into the world as agents of God’s mission, and nowhere is that mission more clearly revealed than in Jesus’ life, relationships, and teaching. At our core has been the commitment to make a difference in the world locally and globally. Inspired by God’s love, we want our lives to matter; we want our efforts as a church to contribute to something larger than ourselves. To be “Missional” is to understand that the Church exists not to meet our needs, but to use our gifts to carry out God’s mission in the world.

What is the PCUSA? What do you believe?
Our church is part of a greater denomination in the Christian Tradition called the “Presbyterian Church in the USA”. The PCUSA is a national denomination that is rooted in the history of the Reformed Tradition. The Reformed Tradition focuses on the sovereignty and grace of God and our salvation given to us as a gift in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We govern ourselves “representatively” which means that the members are all leaders in the church, and have the ability to serve in elected leadership positions as “Elders” or “Deacons” to help make decisions in the church. For more information about the PCUSA please click here to learn more.

Service Times & Location
Please see When/Where page for services times. Our church is located in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant at 302 Hibben Street. If you are thinking about visiting our church, we would love to see you.

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